CSE 6341: Foundations of Programming Lanugages, Autumn 2020

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In this document, the Education Board of ACM SIGPLAN (Special Interest Group on Programming Languages) explains why undergraduate students should learn about the principles of programming languages; even more so, the same reasons apply to graduate students

Place and Time

This course is 100% online using Carmen and Zoom. Each week there are two live lecture sessions via Zoom: Tuesday and Thursday, 12:45 pm to 2:05 pm. The live lectures will be recorded and links to the recordings will be available shortly thereafter on the Carmen page. You are welcome to attend the live lectures, but you can also choose to watch the recordings after the fact if that works better for your schedule. All live, scheduled events for the course, including lecture sessions and office hours, are optional.


Atanas (Nasko) Rountev, Email: rountev.1 osu edu, Phone: 614-292-7203, Office hours: see announcement on Carmen. Attending office hours is optional.


Yu Hao, Email: hao.298 osu edu, Office hours: see announcement on Carmen. Attending office hours is optional.


Many thanks to Neelam Soundarajan, Gerald Baumgartner, and Mike Bond for providing materials and feedback for this course.

Health and Safety

Health and safety requirements: All students, faculty and staff are required to comply with and stay up to date on all university safety and health guidance (safeandhealthy.osu.edu), which includes following university mask policies and maintaining a safe physical distance at all times. Non-compliance will be warned first and disciplinary actions will be taken for repeated offenses.