Raghu Machiraju

Raghu Machiraju serves on the faculty at The Ohio State University in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.  He also has an appointment in the College of Medicine at OSU.  His interests include image analysis and visualization especially as they apply to topics in biology, medicine and engineering. Over the years he also been increasingly working on problems of computationally biology and bioinformatics. This coming Fall he will recover from the effects of his imminent sabbatical (Aug 2013 - June 2014) at Stanford University !

email -  machiraju dot 1 at osu dot edu
Phone - 1-614-292-6730
Fax - 1-614-292-2911


To All Those Seeking Entry to OSU: I am a mere mortal, not a faith healer, nor a savant. Asking me advice on matters of admission is futile since I have been on sabbatical for the past so many months. If you can relate to my work, let us then correspond.