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791 Dreese Labs
2015 Neil Avenue
Deptartment of Computer Science and Engineering
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH 43210-1277
email: prasun@cse.ohio-state.edu
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What is New?

  • Aug 2016: New $0.5 million NSF/CNS grant on relative localization of vehicles on the road
  • July 2016: BASIC (a genearalized version of SIC for uplink communication) accepted in MobiCom 2016.
  • July 2016: I am part of the smart city team . City of Columbus has won $140 million in funding from DOT and other sources.
  • Aug 2014: New $1 million NSF/CNS medium grant on renewable energy based cellular infrastructure (joint with Ness Shroff)
  • Jul 2014: BBN accepted in Mobicom 2014
  • Jan 2014: Gift from Toyota in support of research on full-duplex communication in vehicular networks (Click here for older news items)
    About me

    I graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with my PhD in Computer Science in 2001. I got my MS degree in Computer Science from Michigan State University (1997) and my BTech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Delhi, India (1995). Before joining OSU in 2003, I was a researcher at Bell Labs, New Jersey from 2001 to 2003. During my graduate studies I did internships at Almaden Research Center, IBM, San Jose, and HRL Labs, Malibu.

    I am an IEEE senior member since April 2010. I received the Lumley Research Award from the College of Engineering at OSU in 2009, and the NSF CAREER award in 2006. During graduate studies I received the Mavis Memorial Scholarship (2000), Ray Ozzie Fellowship (1999), and the Distinguished Academic Achievement Award (1997). I have served on the editorial board of Transactions on Wireless Communications (TWC) and Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC). I have been on the steering committee of IWQoS and I have been a TPC co-chair/chair for SECON 2016, MobiCom 2014, ICDCN 2013, IWQoS 2011, BROADNETS 2010, and QShine 2009.

    My research focuses on developing algorithmic solutions to foundational problems in wireless networking. My recent contributions have been focused along the following avenues (click here for a detailed research statement):
    1. Empowering Network Access Protocols with Physical Layer Capabilities

      Availability of software-defined-radio (SDR) platforms has made it possible to exploit Physical layer capabilities in MAC and higher layers of the network protocol stack. We are investigating fundamental paradigm shifts in medium-acesss-control protocol design that leverage such capabilities.

    2. Vehicles as First Class Citizens of Tomorrow's Internet

      We are exploring a wide variety of fundamental problems related to vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication.

    3. Smart Use of Renewable Energy: Networking and Beyond

      The need to operate perpetually in remote deployments and to reduce the carbon footprint of communication devices, a number of new applications of renewable energy have recently emerged. My work has explored the challenges and the potential of harnessing the renewable energy in the most efficient way for sensor networks and smart grids.

    Research Pages on Active Grants My past contributions are in the following areas:
    1. Scalable Low Power Sensor Networking
    2. Data Streaming over Wireless Networks
    3. Ad-hoc Networking: Architecture and Routing Infrastructure
    4. Data Transport over Local Area and Wide-Area Wireless Networks

    Research Group

    The current students and alumni are as follows:

    Current Students
    • Wenjie Zhou (PhD), jointly supervised with Prof. Kannan Srinivasan
    • Gopi Krishna Tummala (PhD)
    • Tanmoy Das (PhD)
    • Rupam Kundu (PhD)
    • Jiashang Liu (PhD), jointly supervised with Prof. Ness Shroff
    • Yousi Zheng, PhD (Su '14), Oracle
    • Tarun Bansal, PhD (Su '14), Google, Seattle, CA
    • Dong Li, PhD (Su '14), LinkedIn, Sunnyvale, CA
    • Zhixue Lu, PhD (Su '14), Two Sigma Investments, New York
    • Shengbo Chen, PhD (Su '13), Qualcomm Research, San Diego
    • Dongwook Lee, Postdoc (2004-2007), Samsung, Korea
    • Kai-Wei Fan, PhD (Sp '08), MS (Au '07), Cisco, San Jose, CA
    • Sha Liu, PhD (Sp '08), MS (Sp '08), Walmart Labs, San Francisco
    • Zizhan Zheng, PhD (Sp '10), MS (Sp '09), Postdoc at UC Davis
    • Ren-Shiou Liu, PhD (Sp '10), MS (Sp '09), Assistant Professor, Dept. of Industrial and Information Management, National Cheng Kung University
    • Daeyoung Choi, MS (Sp '10), Korea
    Other Graduate Students (OSU students I have co-authored in the past)
    • Ai Chen
    • Gayathri Chandrasekaran
    • Hongwei Zhang
    • Vinayak Naik
    • Thang Nam Le

    Past and current courses are listed below:
    • CSE 3461/5461/677: Introduction to Computer Networking (Au '03, Au '04, Au '05, Wi '06, Au '06, Au '07, Au '08, Au '09, Au '11, Wi '13)
    • CSE 5462/678: Network Programming/Intenetworking (Wi '08, Wi '09, Wi '10, Wi '13)
    • CSE 777: Telecommunication Networks (Sp '04, Sp '05, Wi '06, Wi '07)
    • CSE 788: Next Generation Wireless Networks (Sp '04, Sp '05, Au '07)
    • CSE 888: Protocol Design for Wireless Networks (Most quarters)

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