Mervin E. Muller

Faculty Emeritus

My research interests include the design and development of distributed computing facilities and prediction of performance of computing systems with special emphasis on interactive instructional computing. My current emphasis is on computing and networking requirements to exploit multi- media materials in interactive instruction. The research includes consideration of user interfaces, handling of multiple interactions, location and distribution of files and dynamic allocations of resources. I continue to be involved in the strategic and management aspects of information technology, statistical computing systems, quality improvement of industrial processes, and forecasting.

I maintain my earlier interests in computer-based sampling methods, management systems, processes for managing the life cycle of software with special attention to the design and maintenance phases, and financial control systems.

Selected Publications

L.-M. Liu, K.-K. Chan, A. Montgomery, and M.E. Muller, "A System-Independent Graphical User Interface for Statistical Software,"Journal of Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, to appear.

D. Babbar, M.E. Muller, and Y. Yang, "Benchmarking of Computing Facilities for Analysis and Prediction of Performance Taking into Account Environmental Factors," Technical Report, 19 pages, The Ohio State Unversity, OSU-CISRC-7/93-TR27.

M.E. Muller, "Critical Success Factors to Exploit Information Technology Effectively in the 21st Century," Proceedings of the Tenth SEARCC Conference, December, Bali, Indonesia, Vol. 1, 1991, pp. 1-40.