CSE 788 Schedule, Autumn 2011

Meeting Paper Discussion leader Notes
Sep 22 Intro and background Mike
Sep 27 More background; read A Case for Concurrency Exceptions before class Mike Before class: read all of class web page; bring questions to class
Sep 29 Memory Models (all) and The Java Memory Model (Sections 1–4) Martin
Oct 4 FastTrack Swarnendu Mike requests class feedback this week
Oct 6 Goldilocks Dustin Preliminary project proposal due (by e-mail) Thursday by 2 pm
Oct 11 DRFx (and optionally Conflict Exceptions) Aritra
Oct 13 Respec Dave
Oct 18 DoublePlay Daren
Oct 20 No class (more time for project)
Oct 25 AVIO Pai-Wei Mike traveling Oct 21-28
AVIO co-author Prof. Feng Qin moderates
Oct 27 No class (more time for project) Project proposal due Oct 28
Nov 1 Velodrome Meisam
Nov 3 No class (extra time to read and discuss TM book)
Nov 8 Transactional memory book (Chapters 1 and 2) Warrio & Jian
Nov 10 Strong Isolation TM Mahesh
Nov 15 Hybrid TM Minjia
Nov 17 ParaLog Yong
Nov 22 No class Project progress report due by Nov 22
Nov 24 Thanksgiving (no class)
Nov 29 Butterfly Analysis Qingpeng
Dec 1 No class
Dec 5-8 No class (exam week) Final project report due by Dec 8