Course policies

In-class discussions

We should be respectful of everyone's questions, comments, and opinions; we come from different backgrounds and experiences and have different goals. Since this is a class about research, I'm learning a lot, too, so I hope you'll disagree with me. Last time I taught the course, some of the best discussions occurred when I didn't understand something or made some kind of mistake.

However, please note that I will hijack discussion a lot to make sure that certain points are part of the discussion and understood by the class.

Try to participate in every discussion, but not so much that others have trouble participating. To assign a fair participation score, I will keep track of who's participating and how insightful the comments seem to be. Quality counts more than quantity. Take risks. It's okay to be "wrong."

To limit distractions, please avoid using phones and laptops, and limit side conversations.

You are welcome to bring beverages such as coffee to class. Snacks are okay if they're quiet and not messy.

Please help make class start and end on time, by coming on time or early, especially if you're leading a discussion; and by managing class time actively if you're leading discussion. I'll also work to make class start and end on time.


The course involves meeting with me for various reasons, including preparing to lead a discussion and getting feedback about your project proposal and progress. To set up a meeting with me, please e-mail me and include all the days+times that you're available to meet. Otherwise, it'll take you longer to get a meeting, since my response will ask you to say when you're available. Also, please send materials (e.g., outline or slides; project proposal; list of papers you've been reading; agenda for our meeting) with your mail with instructions for how you'd like me to prepare for the meeting (e.g., feedback on your materials; find additional background papers for you).


I will give you feedback in various forms, especially on the critiques, the discussions you lead, and your project progress.

I'll request your feedback formally in class in roughly week 3, and OSU collects your feedback near the end of the quarter. You can also give me feedback at other times, for example, if you don't understand something or something isn't working as well it could.


Two-thirds of the grade will come from activities related to paper discussions, and one-third from the project. Here's the exact breakdown: To help cover any cases when you can't do these on time, like sickness or conference travel, I'll drop the lowest two (2) class participation, critique, and small group discussion scores. Please contact me, as much in advance as possible, if you'll miss more for being sick, conference travel, religious reasons, or similar.

Academic integrity

You must acknowledge help you receive with your critiques (write group attendees on critiques), discussion slides, and project. Presenting someone else's work as your own will result in failing the course and being reported to OSU.

Other issues, e.g., disabilities, religious, missing classes for other reasons

Please contact me.