Sayan Mandal

Graduate Research Associate
The Ohio State University

Computer Science and Engineering,

2015 Neil Avenue, Dreese Labs 474.

Columbus, OH 43210


About me

I am a Phd Student at the Ohio State University. I am working at the Topological and Data Analysis group and is advised by Dr. Tamal Dey. My research involves computational topology, computer vision and machine learning. We are working on generating topological toolkits for various applications in data science, protien characterisation, material science, and image classification. Our previous work titled 'Improved Image Classification using topological persistence' won the best paper award at the Vision, Modeling and Visualisation Conference in 2017.

My interestes include Topological Data Analysis, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Graphics, Machine Learning, Data Structure and Algorithms. I have signficant coding experiences in C++, Java, Python, and Matlab. I have had previous experiences in Machine Learning and Image Processing. While working as a Research Associate at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, we had developed a method to identify and track the variation of the pelvic bones for patients suffering from Colon Cancer using CBCT images. My thesis towards my Master's degree at the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology included numerous image processing and ML techniques on paper based cartographic documents for it's feature extraction, classification and archival.

Email mandal(dot)25(at)buckeyemail.osu.edu


I have also worked as a Teaching Assistant at IIEST where I conducted lab sessions and problem solving sessions for Computer Graphics and AI. As a T.A. at IIT I held the same responsibilities with Operating Systems. Here at OSU, I had to teach Introduction to Computer Programming In Java to a class of about 30 undergraduates. Responsibilities included delivering lectures to conducting lab sessions.

I am from the city of Kolkata in India. It's a beautiful city and in case you are planning to visit, this might be an interesting read. I also love playing the piano so make sure you check out my youtube channel.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages:C, C++, Java, Python, Shell script, Python, HTML & CSS
Tools and IDE used: WEKA, Latex, Sublime, Flex, Bison, IDLE, Netbeans, Eclipse, Adobe Flash
Packages used:OpenCV, CGAL, DCMTK, Boost


Here are a list of my recent publications. For more details please visit my research page


Persistent 1-Cycles: Definition, Computation, and Its Application(submitted)

Computational Topology for Image Context(CTIC)

Protein Classification with Improved Topological Data Analysis

Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics(WABI)

Improved Image Classification using Topological Persistence

Vision Modeling and Visualisation Workshop(VMV)

Study of variation of pelvis positioning for patients suffering from rectal cancer using daily kilo-Voltage Cone Beam CT images

National Conference on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Graphics (NCVPRIPG)

Map image binarization and stitching using extraction of regions

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Computer Science

Binarisation of Colour Map Images through Extraction of Regions

Springer International Publishing

Land Map Image Dataset: Ground-truth and Classification using Visual and Textural Features

Image Processing & Communications De Gruyter Open

Shape Analysis of the Cells in Peripheral Blood Smear for Disease Diagnosis

Institute of Engineers (India)


Here are some of the projects I have been involved in while at OSU. For a complete list of projects undertaken during my undergrad and masters, please visit my linkedin profile. The codes for these projects are publicly available at GitHub.

Project Description
Course Instructor
1. Real time rendering of a scene: This aims to move a random Droid under variable scene and lightning. Also includes a project on skyboxing and texture allocation.
Real Time Rendering CSE 5542
Hanwei Shen
2. Build a tokenizer, parser, and interpreter:. It parses and executes a pseudo-Lisp type language including function calls and recursions
Programming language CSE 6341
Nasko Rountev
3. Curve and mesh Generation and reconstruction: Some of the methods include Catmull Clark, Doo-Sabin and NN-Crust
Geometric Modelling CSE 5543
Tamal Dey
4. Mario's Vision: A rendition of the classic Super Mario game. Only this time instead of using keyboard orgaming console controls, players have to perform real-time actions to make Mario move. Theproject is a real-time object and motion detector that estimates human pose and moves Mario accordingly in its quest to save the princess. Computer Vision CSE 5524
Jim Davis
5. That's Punderful: Given an English sentence, attempts to classify words as puns or not puns, using a variety of features and machine learning techniques Machine Learning
CSE 5523
Mikhael Belkin

Honors and Awards