Rubao Li (Rubao Lee) (李如豹)

Research Scientist
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
The Ohio State University

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BCC: Reducing False Aborts in Optimistic Concurrency Control with Low Cost for In-memory Databases. (PDF)
Yuan Yuan, Kaibo Wang, Rubao Lee, Xiaoning Ding, Jing Xing, Spyros Blanas, Xiaodong Zhang

MegaKV: A Case for GPUs to Maximize the Throughput of In-Memory Key-Value Stores. (PDF) (Code)
Kai Zhang, Kaibo Wang, Yuan Yuan, Lei Guo, Rubao Lee, Xiaodong Zhang

GDM: Device Memory Management for GPGPU Computing. (PDF)
Kaibo Wang, Xiaoning Ding, Rubao Lee, Shinpei Kato, Xiaodong Zhang

Major Technical Advancements in Apache Hive. (PDF) (Code)
Yin Huai, Ashutosh Chauhan, Alan Gates, Gunther Hagleitner, Eric N. Hanson, Owen O’Malley, Jitendra Pandey, Yuan Yuan, Rubao Lee, Xiaodong Zhang

Concurrent Analytical Query Processing with GPUs. (PDF) (Code)
Kaibo Wang, Kai Zhang, Yuan Yuan, Siyuan Ma, Rubao Lee, Xiaoning Ding, Xiaodong Zhang

Understanding Insights into the Basic Structure and Essential Issues of Table Placement Methods in Clusters. (PDF) (Code)
Yin Huai, Siyuan Ma, Rubao Lee, Owen O'Malley, Xiaodong Zhang

S-CAVE: Effective SSD Caching to Improve Virtual Machine Storage Performance. (PDF)
Tian Luo, Siyuan Ma, Rubao Lee, Xiaodong Zhang, Deng Liu, Li Zhou

Hadoop-GIS: A High Performance Spatial Data Warehousing System over MapReduce. (PDF) (Code)
Ablimit Aji, Fusheng Wang, Hoang Vo, Rubao Lee, Qiaoling Liu, Xiaodong Zhang, Joel H. Saltz

The Yin and Yang of Processing Data Warehousing Queries on GPU Devices. (PDF) (Code)
Yuan Yuan, Rubao Lee, Xiaodong Zhang

Accelerating Pathology Image Data Cross Comparison on CPU-GPU Hybrid Systems. (PDF) (Code)
Kaibo Wang, Yin Huai, Rubao Lee, Fusheng Wang, Xiaodong Zhang, Joel H. Saltz

hStorageDB: Heterogeneity-aware Data Management to Exploit the Full Capability of Hybrid Storage Systems. (PDF)
Tian Luo, Rubao Lee, Michael Mesnier, Feng Chen, Xiaodong Zhang

DOT: A Matrix Model for Analyzing, Optimizing and Deploying Software for Big Data Analytics in Distributed Systems. (PDF)
Yin Huai, Rubao Lee, Simon Zhang, Cathy Honghui Xia, Xiaodong Zhang

YSmart: Yet another SQL-to-MapReduce Translator. (PDF) (Code)
Rubao lee, Tian Luo, Yin Huai, Fusheng Wang, Yongqiang He, Xiaodong Zhang
(Best Paper Award)
(YSmart has been merged into Apache Hive.) [link]
(Research Highlight by the Computing Community Consortium)

RCFile: A Fast and Space-efficient Data Placement Structure in MapReduce-based Warehouse Systems. (PDF) (Code)
Yongqiang He, Rubao Lee, Yin Huai, Zheng Shao, Namit Jain, Xiaodong Zhang, Zhiwei Xu
(RCFile has been widely adopted in real-world systems.) [link]
(Research Highlight by the Computing Community Consortium)

Essential Roles of Exploiting Internal Parallelism of Flash Memory based Solid State Drives in High-Speed Data Processing. (PDF)
Feng Chen, Rubao Lee, Xiaodong Zhang

MCC-DB: Minimizing Cache Conflicts in Multi-core Processors for Databases. (PDF)
Rubao Lee, Xiaoning Ding, Feng Chen, Qingda Lu, Xiaodong Zhang

Exploiting Stream Request Locality to Improve Query Throughput of a Data Integration System. (PDF)
Rubao Lee, Zhiwei Xu
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2009

Request Window: an Approach to Improve Throughput of RDBMS-based Data Integration System by Utilizing Data Sharing Across Concurrent Distributed Queries. (PDF)
Rubao Lee, Minghong Zhou, Huaming Liao