Course Overview

The goal of this course is to understand the low-level details with respect to software security by examining the state of the art software vulnerabilities and attacks, such as memory exploits (e.g., ROP) and designing program analysis to reverse engineer the system details.

The learning outcome is students shall be able to understand and know


Level and Credits

Undergraduate/Graduate 2 credits

Text Books

Required textbooks

Reference textbooks

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This is a highly technical class. We expect students to have a strong technical background before taking this course. Students who have not taken a security class before or whom are otherwise unfamiliar with computer security will likely not be able to complete this class. Specifically, students should satisfy at least three of the following:

Course Policy

Late Policy

All late submissions will automatically lose 10 points per delayed day until the points in that project are gone.

Collaboration Policy

Students are encouraged to collaborate, particularly on the discussion on the course project. However, each individual must finish the project by him/her-self.

Cheating Policy

We will strictly follow the university policy on cheating and plagiarism which is available here. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact the instructor.