Note on the author’s affiliation on your paper


Dear Author(s),


Congratulation for your paper has been accepted for the presentation on ICPP 2007 and workshops.  This conference will be held at Xi’an---- a very famous city in ancient China and a “natural history museum” of 13 dynasties. We hope you will enjoy both the conference and this travel to Xi’an.


To make our conference to be a pure academic conference without any problem related to political disputation on “Taiwan” or “ROC”, and “P. R. China” (our program committee very respects the everyone's feeling on this), and to make the conference proceeding can get into our conference site on time without any customhouse problem, and to make everyone feel equal and happy, we kindly request you to exactly follow the following steps in writing your affiliation. (A sample is attached in next page.)



1. At the place of author affiliation(s), please only put author's university or organization name, but without the address. For example, only put Xidian University or Wireless Network Lab., National Central University.

(If your organization name begins with "National", and you are accustomed to use abbreviation name such as “NCU”, please use the abbreviation name. We will appreciate very much for this.)


2.    On the fund supporting the paper, please only use the abbreviation name of the organization providing the fund. For example: This paper is supported by NSC ***-***-*** without full name of the organization and its address.



Thank you very much for your kind cooperation and support, and we are looking forward to see you on the conference.



Jiandong Li         PC Co-Chair of ICPP 2007

Xiaodong Zhang    PC Co-Chair of ICPP 2007

Makoto Takizawa,   Workshop Co-Chair










This example is taken from IEEE Transaction on Communications with the modified footnote. The other format and fronts of the paper are specified in the author’s kits.














Text Box: This work was supported in part by DoD MURI under Grant N00014-00-1-0564 and AFRM Contact F360602-97-C-0133.