About Me

I am a PhD candidate (GPA 3.86) at OSU in the CSE department having joined the PhD program in Fall 2011. I am working with Dr. Arnab Nandi in the Interactive Data Systems Group. My thesis topic is Interactive Data Analysis, with the goal of querying large data interactively.My interests are in databases, data mining, statistics, machine learning, functional programming, and deep learning.

Previously, I finished my Masters from SUNY Buffalo in computer science with specialization in Computer Vision and Machine Learning, and then worked at UtopiaCompression Corporation in vision and machine learning projects.

I am currently looking for exciting opportunities as full-time researcher or research engineer in databases, starting from around Feb-April 2018.

My RESUME can be found here.


Reviewer: TODS 2015, TKDE 2017.
PC: SIGMOD Demo 2018.