I, Niranjan Kamat, am a sixth year PhD candidate (GPA 3.86) at OSU in the CSE department having joined the PhD program in Fall 2011. I am working with Dr. Arnab Nandi in the Interactive Data Systems Group. My thesis topic is Interactive Data Analysis, focusing on data sampling, aggregation and interactive visualizations. My interests are in databases, data mining, statistics, machine learning, functional programming, and interfaces. Previously, I finished my Masters from SUNY Buffalo in computer science with specialization in Computer Vision and Machine Learning, and then worked at UtopiaCompression Corporation in vision and machine learning projects.

I am currently looking for exciting full-time research / research engineer and postdoc opportunities starting from Spring / Summer 2018. Please contact me if you are looking.


  1. Niranjan Kamat, Arnab Nandi: Super Secret Project, WIP
  2. Niranjan Kamat, Arnab Nandi: Stratified Join Sampling using Both Sides of the Join, in submission, [pdf].
  3. Niranjan Kamat, Eugene Wu, Arnab Nandi: Interactive Analysis of Trends, HILDA 2016. Paxata Student Travel Award Winner [DEMO!] [pdf] [source]
  4. Niranjan Kamat, Arnab Nandi: SESAME: A Session-Based Approach to Fast-But-Approximate Interactive Data Cube Exploration, TKDD 2017. [pdf] (Awarded a grant of $100,000 for code commercialization!)
  5. Niranjan Kamat, Arnab Nandi: A Closer Look at Variance Implementations in Modern Database Systems, SIGMOD RECORD 2017 (To appear). [pdf]
  6. Roee Ebenstein, Niranjan Kamat, Arnab Nandi: An Execution Framework for Highly Interactive Workloads, SIGMOD 2016. [pdf]
  7. Niranjan Kamat, Prasanth Jayachandran, Karthik Tunga, Arnab Nandi: Distributed Interactive Cube Exploration, ICDE 2014. [pdf]
  8. Prasanth Jayachandran, Karthik Tunga, Niranjan Kamat, Arnab Nandi: Co-designing Interaction and Database Architecture in the DICE System, VLDB 2014. [pdf]
  9. Xiaoqing Liu, Lei Zhang, Jacob Yadegar, Niranjan Kamat: A Robust Multi-Modal Emotion Recognition Framework for Intelligent Tutoring Systems, ICALT 2011.
  10. Priya Ganapathy, Shantanu Joshi, Jacob Yadegar, Niranjan Kamat, Calin Caluser: An intelligent and portable ambulatory medical toolkit for automatic detection and assessment of traumatic brain injuries, Wireless Health 2010.
  11. Ricardo Rodrigues, Niranjan Kamat, Venu Govindaraju: Evaluation of Biometric Spoofing in a Multimodal System, BTAS 2010.

Reviewer: TODS 2015, TKDE 2017.

Office: 674 Dreese Labs
Email: kamat.14g@gmail.com, kamat.14@osu.edu

Following are the courses I have taken so far at OSU:

CSE 681 Introduction to Computer Graphics, CSE 760 Operating Systems, CSE 888.14 Advanced Studies in Computer Graphics, CSE 888.02 Advanced Studies in Information Science and Database Systems, CSE 780 Analysis of Algorithms, CSE 775 Computer Architecture, CSE 755 Programming Languages, CSE 5242 Advanced Database Systems, CSE 6321 Computability and Complexity, CSE 5249 Intermediate Studies in Databases.

ML and Statistics:
CSE 634 Computer Vision and Human Interaction, CSE 674 Introduction to Data Mining, STAT 6510 Survey Sampling Methods, STAT 6801 Statistical Theory 1, STAT 6302 Theory of Statistical Analysis, STAT 6450 Applied Regression Analysis, CSE 5522 Advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Open-source code:

  1. TrendQuery.
  2. Join Sampling.

I enjoy playing table tennis and captain the OSU team.