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I regularly teach the following classes at Ohio State:
In teaching various AI classes, I have created a number of videos demonstrating several learning techniques that are covered in CSE 630/730; these are based on matlab code that I hacked together over the years. Since I've had a number of requests for the videos, I'm placing them here for the community to use. You are welcome to use or modify the videos as you see fit; I do ask that you credit me if you show them somewhere. (Keeping the title slide with my name in small print satisfies this.) The quicktime versions are much smaller (and lower quality) than the mp4 versions. Warning: in general, they aren't very high video quality because of the compression. I may get around someday to redoing them. Maybe....
Geoff Zweig and I gave a tutorial at Interspeech 2010 on Conditional Random Fields and Direct Modeling. The powerpoint slides and pdf slides are available from that tutorial.
Eric Fosler-Lussier
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