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This page gives an overview of and links to recent research papers that describe some of the research of my lab. The commentary for some papers gives links to follow-on work so that the reader can see the trajectories of the different research lines.

My current research in automatic speech recognition is both informed by my graduate work in pronunciation modeling as well as discriminative modeling techniques for language-related tasks done while at Bell Labs. The overall goal of my lab's research is to find meaningful ways to integrate acoustic, phonetic, lexical, and other linguistic insights into the speech recognition process through a combination of statistical modeling and data/error analysis.

My goal is to train students to be flexible, independent thinkers who can apply statistical techniques to a range of language-related problems. While the papers below describe primarily speech recognition related research as a coherent focus, my students, colleagues, and I have also been engaged in other research activities in natural language processing and spoken dialogue systems. Papers in these areas can be found in my online publication list; the reader may also wish to consult the chronological listing of papers.

Since I also get quite a few requests for information on joining the lab, I include a section on this topic.


The Speech and Language Technologies Laboratory is a group of dynamic researchers who are interested in mixing aspects of machine learning with speech and language processing.

If you are not an OSU student, but want to apply: see my note on the application process to OSU.

If you are a current OSU student: see the "once you are at OSU" section of my note.

SELECTED PAPERS (with commentary)