SimBa:  Software for Approximating Rips Filtration Persistence

Tamal K DeyDayu ShiYusu Wang


SimBa software can be used to approximate the persistence of a Rips filtration built from a point cloud data.  It is based on the paper:

T. K. Dey, D. Shi and Y. Wang. SimBa: An Efficien Tool for Approximating Rips-filtration Persistence via Simplicial Batch-collapse (in submission), 2016.

For detailed usage of the software, see the README files included in the package.

Codes  (developed by Dayu Shi) are available for  Linux,  and Windows. Please send an email to to get the password to access the download area.

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Disclaimer: We do not intend to be responsible for the maintenance of the software.

Copyright: Jyamiti group at the Ohio State University. No commercial use of the software is permitted without proper license.