Interactive Visual Computing Lab


Today, science and technology are on the cusp of paradigm-shifting discoveries through visual computing in data science and human-computer interaction. The technical advance of computing provides the basis for dramatic increases in human efficiency. However, obstacle remains: the interface between humans and computers has begun to present a serious impediment to full realization of the potential payoff. We believe the high effectiveness won’t be fully realized till we understand how humans understand and make sense, retain, and see information and how to design new interactions and visualizations to augment humans' ability to understand complex data. 

We combine methods from computer science, psychology, math modeling to explain how and why interactive visualization works and how to design interaction and use visualization to convey information needed for knowledge discovery. We have enjoyed studying how people ‘see’ and ‘interact’ and how to design and evaluate interactive techniques on desktop and in virtual reality. We have been conducting research and solving real-world problems through a multi-disciplinary science and have built strong collaborations in biology, bioMedicine, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), and NASA missions.