Programming Languages and Software Systems
Research Group

Computer Science & Engineering Department, Ohio State University



Current members:
  • Michael Bond (faculty)
  • Kaan Genç (PhD student)
  • Jake Roemer  (PhD candidate)
  • Rui Zhang  (PhD student)
Graduated members, with positions as of 2017: Primary external collaborators: We've also collaborated with Ben Wood (Wellesley) and Dan Grossman (U Washington).

Celebrating Aritra and Man's PhD defenses and graduations (May 2017)
From left to right: Mike, Aritra, Man, Jake, Rui

Celebrating Minjia and Swarnendu's PhD defenses and graduations (Sept 2016)
From left to right: Aritra, Man, Rui, Jake, Mike, Minjia, Swarnendu, [family member]

After Minjia's PhD defense (April 2016)
From left to right: Man, Aritra, Minjia, Mike, Rui

Collaborating on the EnfoRSer project on Google Hangouts (c. 2013)
From left to right: Aritra, Mike, Milind Kulkarni


We design and implement program analyses and runtime systems that make complex, concurrent software systems more reliable, scalable, and secure.


Publicly available research software (see "Source code" for each paper)