XML Based High-Level Interfaces and XQuery Compilation




People Involved

Gagan Agrawal

Xiaogang Li

Swarup Sahoo

The Problem

                 XML has emerged as a standard data exchange format that is widely accepted in a variety of scientific and engineering areas. It is highly likely that more and more datasets in these areas will be supported with an XML interface for data exchanging. Typically, an application process such a interface will be developed in a high-level XML query language, which eases the task of a programmer.   This has created the need to provide compiler support for efficient optimizations and/or parallelization of XML queries over generic scientific dataset.

                    To deal with this challenge, we are developing a compilation framework that integrates optimizations and parallelization of XML queries.Overall, the issues involved are: 1) Optimizing XQuery by using compiler optmizations techniques; 2) Identifying a optimal parallelization scheme of a query by examining the uderlining cost models;  3) Providing high-level abstraction of a dataset to an  application developer through XML Shemas and  4) Translation of XQuery processing to an imperative language like C/C++, which is required for applying low-level APIs provided with a scientific dataset.

                    Our work is different from traditional database query optimizations in that we are dealing with arbitrary scientific datasets, which normally lack sufficient physical support as in a DBMS. Also, we are considering parallelization of XML queries in a shared-nothing environment, to which little attention has been devoted by the database community so far.




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