Update History


Bugs Fixed

  • The thread / socket cleanup process now works properly; there is no need to call Dispose(). No more Task Manager!

  • The socket communication handler now works properly. When communicating with remote objects, you will no longer experience "hidden exceptions" during periods of inactivity. No more quirky demos!

Features Added

  • The platform, stub-skeleton registry, and interceptor-chain registry are all registered with every platform. That is, remote management of targets / interceptors is now possible. (Please see the 'RemoteTest2' demo.)

  • A bootstrapping process has been put in place. Every platform, stub-skeleton registry, and interceptor-chain registry can be accessed using only the IP address of the containing platform. This enables remote discovery; you should no longer use the file-system for this purpose. (Please see the 'RemoteTest2' demo.)

  • Private state query and update facilities have been added to the framework. Objects deriving from ExternalizingObject expose their internal state through the 'Representation'  property of the class. (Please see the 'RemoteTest3' demo.)

  • A call to Start() is no longer required to initialize platform services.

  • A default constructor, which should be used, has been added to Platform() to hide some of the timeout configuration details.