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Bibliographic References of Interest

Distributed Algorithms and Systems Homepage.

Jonathan Bowen's Formal Methods Resources.

Bibliographies on Distributed Computing, Networking and Telecommunications. This is a large, searchable collection that gives BibTeX entries..

Citeseer, the NECI Scientific Literature Digital Library.

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How To Do Research ...

Reflections from some of the leaders in computer science.

Medawar's book, Advice to a young scientist.

Hardy's book A mathematicians apology.

You prefer Cliff Notes? If you do a web search you'll find a variety of summaries and reviews.

Allen Newell's Reflections on my scientific life. %20Lectures/1991

Edsger Dijkstra's To a new member of the Tuesday afternoon club.

Edsger Dijkstra's The three golden rules for successful scientific research.

How folks in in MIT's AI department do research:

Mark Leone of CMU has summarized lots of additional ideas and perspectives at