Student Research Projects

There are many opportunities for undergraduate research in the CSE Department.  Some of them are mentioned here.  If you are interested in participating in the work of other faculty members, please contact them directly.

The Europa Forum

Europa is a forum for students engaged in research in component-based software engineering.  Europa research focuses on component-based software as studied in the Software Component Engineering Course Sequence and on related topics pursued by the OSU CSE  Reusable Software Research Group.

Contact Prof. Bruce Weide (, Dr. Paolo Bucci (, or Dr. Wayne Heym (

Computer Vision

The Computer Vision Lab, led by Prof. Jim Davis, is looking to hire CSE Undergraduate researchers to be engaged in Computer Vision research. This opportunity is aimed at actively engaging undergraduates in exciting research projects that additionally prepare students for graduate study. The research projects will pertain to various facets of "Intelligent Computer Surveillance and Monitoring". Mentoring and training will be provided by Prof. Davis and graduate students in the Computer Vision Laboratory. Interested undergraduate students should currently be in their Junior or Senior year, with a GPA of at least 3.5, and be familiar with C/C++/Java and Matlab. Interested applicants should contact Prof. Davis by email (jwdavis@cse) and provide a short resume that includes experience, courses completed, and GPA.

System Research for Improving Software Availability, Reliability and Security on High Performance Computing Systems and General Purpose Systems

Dr. Feng Qin's group has been developing various system techniques for providing highly dependable and secure software on general purpose and high performance computing systems. Current work includes (1) bug studies and message-centric approaches for improving the reliability of communication libraries (e.g., Message Passing Interfaces) on High Performance Computing Systems; and (2) environment diversity for improving software availability on modern multi-core computer systems, concurrency bug detection and testing, and multi-core architecture for enhancing security attacking detection. Interested students are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Feng Qin at for available opportunities.

Data-Intensive Middleware Systems

Dr. Agrawal's group has been developing middleware systems that support distributed, data-intensive applications. Current work includes middleware for streaming applications, middleware for data integration, and middleware to scalable data mining.  Opportunities are available for developing new applications using these systems, and adding new functionality to the existing system.  Interested students with a good GPA, excellent programming skills in C++ and/or Java should contact Dr. Gagan Agrawal at Some exposure to parallel/distributed/web-services programming is helpful, but not necessary.

Research in Computer Graphics

There are many projects in the fascinating area of computer graphics -- too many to list in a single paragraph!  See the link below for details.

Contact Prof. Rick Parent (

Wireless Sensor Networks and the Siefast Project

This research project focuses on the fault-tolerance, security, and timeliness properties of distributed and networked systems.  We develop design, verification and implementation methods, and building prototypes of dependable systems.   In particular, the Siefast Toolkit serves as an environment for testing, verifying, and implementing dependable distributed systems prototypes.  Interested undergraduate students will find several projects to work on, in tool development and experimentation with distributed/network algorithms.

Contact Prof. Anish Arora (