Unix Tutorial Introduction

Jennifer Fox


This walkthrough introduces some key Unix concepts and some of the Unix commands you will use most often. It is most useful for people who are completely new to the Unix environment.

Once you have become somewhat familiar with the Unix environment, you'll frequently want to lookup a specific command. There is a concise reference section on some common Unix commands towards the end of this document.

The CSE department also has an online User Guide. The sections about Unix are good follow-ups to the material in this tutorial.

How To Use This Document

You should be reading this document using a browser like Netscape. In addition, you should have an X terminal window (an xterm) open where you can try out the Unix commands that are introduced here.

A few icons are used to help you move easily throught this tutorial:
The keyboard icon indicates that input is expected from you. Type the input into an xterm window, where a Unix "shell" is running.
The left arrow will take you to the PREVIOUS page of the turorial. 
The right arrow is the CONTINUE arrow. It will take you to the next page of the tutorial. 
A TABLE OF CONTENTS is provided for more flexible movement and is accessible from the bottom of each page via this UP arrow icon. 

If you are a brand new user of Unix, it is recommended that you follow the CONTINUE links at the bottom of each page sequentially, as the tutorial is organized into one continuous lesson. 

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