Old isotable source code and isosurface tables

Old versions of isosurface source code:

Note that versions 1.0 and 1.1 of isotable_src do not properly remove all simplices from the hypercube facets in dimension 4 and higher.  This error was corrected in version 2.0. Version v3.0 is same as 2.0 but includes source code for diffisotable and isotablestat.

Old versions of isosurface tables:

Software version 2.0 produces tables in a new format which contains polyhedra facets and headers for vertices, edges, facets and the table.  File isosurface_table.v1.tar.gz is the original set of isosurface tables produced by isotable_src.v1_1.tar.gz.  The table for 4D hypercubes contains some extra simplices.  File isosurface_table.v1.correct.tar.gz is a corrected version in the old format with the erroneous extra simplices removed.

Version 2 and earlier isosurface tables have no ordering specified on simplex vertices.  Program orientisotable was applied to version 3 tables so that adjacent simplices have matching orientation.

Old documentation:


Last updated by Dr. Rephael Wenger, October 18, 2006.