Released Software

Differential Privacy for Software Analysis

These projects are currently funded by NSF grant 1907715

Introducing Privacy in Screen Event Frequency Analysis for Android Apps (artifacts from the following paper)

Android-Related Projects

These projects have been funded by two NSF grants (1319695 and 1526459) and by a Google Faculty Research Award.

GATOR: Program Analysis Toolkit For Android (version 3.8 released on 9/9/2019)

APTWear: A Toolkit for Analysis, Profiling, and Testing of Android Wear Apps (version 1.0 released on 5/16/2017; supplement with FSE'18 artifacts released 8/6/2018)

Orlis/Orcis: Obfuscation-Resilient Detection of Third-Party Libraries and App Clones for Android (released on 8/14/18)

Sentinel: Generating GUI Tests for Android Sensor Leaks (released on 8/17/18)

LeakDroid: Systematic Testing for Resource Leaks in Android Applications

Other Projects

Demand-Driven Context-Sensitive Alias Analysis for Java

LeakChaser: A Java Memory Leak Detection Tool

Inspector/Executor Compiler (joint work with Prof. Sadayappan's group)

Polyhedral Compilation (joint work with Prof. Sadayappan's group)

DDGVec: Dynamic Analysis of Vectorization Potential (joint work with Prof. Sadayappan's group)

AJANA: A Framework for Source-code-level Analysis of AspectJ Software

TACLE: Type Analysis and Call Graph Construction for Eclipse