Machine Learning Summer School/Workshop 2009
University of Chicago

Mikhail Belkin, Ohio State University
Partha Niyogi, University of Chicago
Steve Smale, TTI-C

Supported by NSF

There are different ways to reach to the I-House from Airport. Adress of the I-House is
1414 East 59th Street, Chicago, IL 60637.

If you are coming from O'Hare Airport, below are the available options.

  • Take subway from O'Hare Airport to downtown and Bus from there. Link
  • Subway to downtown and from there approximately $25 cab drive to I-House.
  • Approximately $60 cab drive from O'Hare Airport to I-House.
  • Airport Shuttle approximately $27. Link

  • If you are coming from Midway Airport, below are the available options.

  • Approximately $20 cab drive from Midway Airport to I-House (Tell the taxi driver to take through Garfield Blvd, which is a shorter route).
  • Take Bus from Midway Airport. Bus 59 (You need to get down at Dorchester & 60th Street)