Joining LAIR

Prospective students who wish to join the Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence typically need to be first admitted to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering (although we have had graduate students from other departments work in the lab).

Click here for information on applying to Computer Science & Engineering at Ohio State. Please note the application deadlines, particularly for fellowships. You should decide what area(s) of Artificial Intelligence research appeal to you.

On the application process: complete application files are reviewed by a department-level committee before they are passed to the research areas; we only see files that have made it through the department-level committee. There is a place on the form to indicate that you have contacted a particular professor, which will help with routing. However, the strongest case you can make is by making a strong, focused statement of purpose; this is read by multiple faculty members as we make recommendations for admission and funding. The admissions process takes several months. Research areas don't see folders until well into the new year (late January/early February).

On funding: the department uses three sources of funding to help graduate students. Not all students are admitted with funding, unfortunately: we just don't have enough resources for everyone. Strong students are placed in a competition for university-level fellowship funding, which usually covers the first year. The department also makes some offers with Teaching Assistant (TA funding), but these resources vary from year to year. Note that individual professors don't have the authority to make fellowship or TA offers. Professors do often have Research Assistantship positions (RA); these positions are often funded by using external research grants. Different professors have different policies on how they admit students to their group, and may or may not have space available in their lab.

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