``A locality-aware cooperative cache management protocol to improve 
network file system performance"

Song Jiang, Kei Davis, Fabrizio Petrini, Xiaoning Ding, and Xiaodong Zhang

Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Distributed
Computing Systems (ICDCS'06), Lisbon, Portugal, July 4-7, 2006.


In a distributed environment the utilization of file
buffer caches in different clients may vary greatly.
Cooperative caching is used to increase cache utilization
by coordinating the usage of distributed caches.  Existing
cooperative caching protocols mainly address organizational
issues, paying little attention to exploiting locality
of file access patterns.  We propose a locality-aware
cooperative caching protocol, called LAC, that is
based on analysis and manipulation of data block reuse
distance to effectively predict cache utilization and the
probability of data reuse. Using a dynamically controlled
synchronization technique, we make local information
consistently comparable among clients.  The system is
highly scalable in the sense that global coordination is
achieved without centralized control.

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