Europa Projects

Below are lists of the current and past projects in Europa.
They are grouped as Active, Inactive, and Completed.
Click on a project title to see that project's webpage.

Active Europa Projects

Project TitleEuropa Members Involved
Europa Webpage Suite Development Scott Pike, Megan McCabe, Lisa Didier
Recursive Correspondence-Establishing Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Polygonal Objects to be Utilized in Three-Dimensional Polygonal Object Morphing Patrick Coleman, Diane Drozd
ANSI-C++ Compliant RESOLVE/C++ Ted Pavlic
Meeting Schedule Generator Ted Pavlic
Random Number Generator and Mathematical Specs Matthew Thornton
Search Engine for RESOLVE Sequence Mashiur Rahman
Teaching Support Mashiur Rahman
GPS Related Research Ted Pavlic
RESOLVE Parser Erin Dean
Course Information Viewer David Wannamacher
SCE Appendix in HTML Joshua Stewart
Is_Equal_To / Contents_Equal_To Karl Kornel
Type-to-Contract Translator for the Software Component Workbench Mashiur Rahman, Brian Seok, Matthew Thornton
RESOLVE Error Checking Utility Brad Moore
Genetic Algorithms Hetu Patel
Applications of Graph and Scheduling Theory for getting out of Ohio State Eugene Talagrand, Mauktik Gandhi, Jeffrey Mathew
Distributed Application Framework Aaron Shbeeb, Eugene Talagrand
Three-tiered best-fit garbage-collector, referencing resource allocator and static heuristical memory manager Eugene Talagrand, Mauktik Gandhi
Semantic, Localized, Multi-modal and Accessible Websites Eugene Talagrand
Greatest_Cost_Path_Machine Eugene Talagrand
Referee Scheduler Todd Sahl, Mauktik Gandhi, Jeffrey Mathew

Completed Europa Projects

Project TitleEuropa Members Involved
Bijective_Partial_Map Component Scott Pike
Least_Cost_Path_Machine Jen Kannen, Susan Hohenberger
Regular Expression Support (layered) Scott Coplin
Statistics Machine (2) Nick Hurley
Sorting in Linear Time Mauktik Gandhi
Set Intersection/Subtraction Karl Kornel
Efficiency in RESOLVE C++ Mauktik Gandhi
Written Materials for Teaching Support for RESOLVE/C++ Jeffrey Mathew, Eugene Talagrand
Arbitrary Precision Real Number ("Huge Real") Aaron Shbeeb
Web Page Grading Information Updater Aaron Shbeeb
Cross-linked documentation browser for RESOLVE/C++ Eugene Talagrand
Beating BugsWorld Aaron Shbeeb, Eugene Talagrand
Fixed Length Bit String Karl Kornel

Inactive Europa Projects

Project TitleEuropa Members Involved
Command Line Hander Component
GUI & RESOLVE Jay Grayson ,Tobin Juday
Statistics_Machine (1) Ratnamala Bearavolu, Susan Hohenberger
Graphical Sorting Algorithms (early version)
Social Data Structures Sarah Waterson, Joe Atzberger
Homework Machine Jennifer Kannen
Constant Time Stack_Copy_To extension Jason Lesh, Matt Forsythe
Graph Component Shawn Craft
Component Coupling Diagram Editor/Browser Shawn Hendricks
Read/Write Extensions
Constant-time Array Jay Grayson
RESOLVE/C++ "lint" Joseph Malicki
Trace Table Generator Brad Penoff
PFAST Algorithms Susan Hohenberger, Tyler Neylon
SRGP Karen M. Schleifer, Patrick Coleman
Web-based Graphical Course Prerequisite Viewer Robert Alonso
Precision_Real Component Michael Yosafat, Daniel McSorley
Two-way Checking Components (1) Travis Grigsby, Frank Amoroso
Two Way Checking Components (2) Emily Howe, Robert Christ
Unified GUI API Tyler Neylon, Brad Penoff
RG Web Geoffrey Hing, Stephen Conley
Constant Time Searchable Static Array Jennie Butler, Rupal Mehta
Implementation of Are_In_Order_At and Exchange_At for Static Array Luke Frankart
Bracket Checker for RESOLVE/C++ courses
Ampersand Checker for RESOLVE/C++ courses
Europa Web Site Automation Karl Kornel
Help File System for Software Component Workbench Lisa Didier

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