The following Europans have been awarded a variety of well-deserved CS-related fellowships and scholarships:

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
Susan Hohenberger
Sarah Waterson
Florence Neymotin (honorable mention)

Ohio Space Grant Consortium Scholarship
Rob Coridan
Ralph Hutchison
Diane Drozd
Susan Hohenberger

OSU College of Engineering Honors Scholarship
Brad Penoff

CIS Department and its various benefactors
Jennie Butler
Patrick Coleman
Rupal Mehta
Miriam Reddoch

OSU Denman Undergraduate Research Forum
Jennie Butler (Outstanding Junior Award)
Rupal Mehta (Outstanding Junior Award)
Tyler Neylon (First Place in Engineering)
Patrick Coleman (Second Place in Engineering)

ACM International Student Research Competition
Sarah Waterson (Second Place)
Shawn Craft (Third Place)
Scott Pike (Third Place )

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship
Susan Hohenberger

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