CSE 201: Elementary Computer Programming

Welcome to the home page for CSE 201. The purpose of this course is to introduce you to both the concepts of and practical experience with computer programming while learning the Java programming language.

This course cannot be counted toward a CIS/CSE degree. This course can be counted as a programming prerequisite to CSE 221. An alternative way to satisfy the CSE 221 prerequisite is to take a placement test. For more information on the placement test, please check the bulletin board outside the CSE Advising Office, located in Dreese Labs 374.

A compendium of supporting materials together called the CSE 201 Course Packet may be purchased from either OSU Bookstore location, or it may be ordered on-line at http://www.shopohiostate.com. All this material -- as well as other information such as assignments, office hours, etc., which are not included in the course packet -- are available on-line: the entire packet as a PDF file via the link above, and the separate pieces via links from this page. Do you really need to buy the packet, given that it's also available on-line? Frankly, it is recommended for most students. It is probably cheaper to buy it than to print it on your own printer. Worse yet, if you try to use your CSE account to print it, then you probably will end up exceeding your print quota -- and recovering from that will cost far more than the packet.

If you prefer not to buy a paper copy of the (required) textbook, but instead you are comfortable with an electronic copy (to read online or download), you can purchase a 180 days subscription from the publisher for a reduced price. Whether you read it online or download it, you will not be able to use the book after 180 days. Here is the link you can use to check this out: Tony Gaddis, Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Objects, Fourth Edition.

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