Homework Grading Criteria

The philosophy of this course is that homework assignments are:
In addition, as with everything in this class, we expect a level of professionalism in your submissions.  Professionalism in this case means making sure that every one of your solutions attain a level of neatness, organization, and quality.

As such, homework will be graded with these criteria in mind:
Homework will be graded in the following manner:

Quality of Assignment
  • The answers provided are of high quality.  The solutions do not need to be perfect, but more than 80% of your responses must be correct and you must at least attempt to answer all of the questions.
  • The overall assignment is professional quality - typed, well organized, readable.
  • All code fragments are properly composed within the document as per the Project Grading standards
  • The answers provided are not of high quality.  You did not attempt to answer all of the questions OR
  • You answered all of the questions and fewer than 80% of your responses are correct OR
  • The overall assignment is of poor quality - the assignment was poorly organized, or generally unreadable, or the code fragments were improperly formatted
  • The answers provided are not of high quality.  Fewer than 50% of your responses are correct AND the overall assignment is of poor quality.

NOTE:  Pay particular attention to that word TYPED.  Homeworks are to be turned in online to the Carmen/Canvas dropbox no later than the start of your class.  Photographs of handwritten assignments will receive a grade of 0.  You may turn your homework in early if you cannot make it to class due to illness, but  LATE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.   By skipping homework assignments you are also denying yourself practice and feedback that are useful for preparing for exams.  So think carefully before "blowing off" homework assignments.

Please pay particular attention to the formatting of your code - to receive full credit your code must make proper use of indentation and whitespace.  Note that if you just cut and paste your code from one program to another often the indentation whitespace is lost and/or extra whitespace is added between lines.  Make sure you have fixed your code to have proper indentation and whitespace between lines before you submit it.

Closed Lab Grading Criteria

The philosophy of this class is that Closed Lab assignments are:
Closed lab assignments will be graded according to effort and participation in class.  Everyone is expected to finish at least the first exercise of each Closed Lab - if you cannot consider looking at the labs ahead of time and working with a partner during the lab. Closed labs submitted to the Carmen/Canvas dropbox will be reviewed by your instructor, but trying counts for more than correctness with the closed labs.

REMEMBER:  Closed Lab assignments should be completed with a partner.  Keep in mind that the partner who puts in the most effort will probably get the better grade on the exams and projects.