Logging In

First, you need to login to Windows on a lab PC.

To login:

The first thing that you will be asked to do after logging in for the first time is to change your currently insecure Windows password. The following message will appear:

login message

Click on the OK button, and the Change Password dialog window will be displayed:

login message 2

To change your password:

After your Windows desktop appears, you may use any Windows application, including one of the available web browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer).

Logging Out

Before we proceed to explore, here are some instructions on how to logout of the environment when you are done with your session. You do not need to follow these steps right now (unless you are done for now).

To logout of Windows on the lab PC click on the "Start" button in the lower-left corner of the screen and select "Log Off" from the menu that appears when you click on the little triangle on the right of the lock button.

login message 3