Welcome to the website for CSE 1223: Introduction to Computer Programming in Java. This course is designed to introduce the general concepts of computer programming and programming languages by providing practical experience programming in the Java programming language.

This course does not count towards credit needed for a CSE or CIS major. However this course can be used as a prerequisite to CSE 2221: Software I (Software components). If you are taking CSE 1223 as a pre-requisite for CSE 2221, and you have prior programming coursework, you should be aware that you have the alternative of taking a placement test to place directly into CSE 2221 without taking CSE 1223. For more information on the placement test, please contact the CSE Advising Office in Dreese Labs 374.

As of Autumn 2019, this website is no longer being used to provide the materials and schedule for the course. For students enrolled in the course, all of the information that was previously given on this website can be found in your Carmen course site.

Java References