Chunyi Peng

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Ohio State University. I received my Ph.D in Computer Science at University of California, Los Angeles in 2013. Prior to UCLA, I had worked as an associate/assistant researcher in the Wireless and Networking Group at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) between 2005 and 2009.

My research interests are in the broad areas of mobile networking, system and security, with a focus on 3G/4G mobile networks, wireless networking, mobile sensing systems, and network security.

Ongoing Research Projects (Full List)

I am looking for strongly self-motivated and bright students who aim at academic excellence. Students are interested in mobile networking and systems, especially on 4G mobile networks and beyond, software defined radio and software defined networking (SDR and SDN), mobile security and mobile sensing (wearable and visible light communication). Solid networking background and network programing are mandatory. Prospective students please read the note first.

What's New

  • June 2016 The paper of "ARTcode: Preserve Art and Code In Any Image" has been accepted at Ubicomp'16. Congratulations to Zhe, Yuting, Chuhao, Xingya and Siyu.
  • April 2016 We make a public release MobileInsight , an in-device tool to monitor and analyze cellular network behaviors. This is a joint efforts between UCLA WiNG and OSU MSSN Labs.
  • March 2016 We released HackCellular, an all-in-one attack demo, which allows you to replay several attacks identified in our recent research (e.g., TTL data overcharging attack, ping-pong attack, no 4G attack). Source codes will be found here . It will be fun to Do-It-Yourself and learn real threats in real networks. Surely, please attack your own phone only!
  • Feb 2016 Instability in mobility management has been accepted by SIGMETRICS'16.
  • Dec 2015 iCellular accepted by NSDI'16. Two papers (MMDIAG and VoLTE*) accepted by HotMobile'16.
  • Nov 2015 Femtocell work accepted by INFOCOM'16.
  • August 2015 We have two papers on insecurity of voice solutions in 4G LTE networks at CNS'15 and CCS'15; We have reported the identified problems to two US carriers and Google. Their validation and fixes are ongoing.
  • March 2015 Stefan and I are organizing the VLCS'15 workshop, collocated with MobiCom'15.
    Please consider submitting papers on the emerging technique for visible light communication.
  • March 2015 I am invited to serve on the TPC for INFOCOM'16.
  • Feb 2015 INFRAME++ is accepted by MobiSys'15. Congratulations to Anran, Zhuoran and Gan!
  • Nov 2014 LLRA and "TCP performance on High-speed Rail" are accepted by INFOCOM'15.
  • Nov 2014 I presented our work of "real threats to mobile data bills" at CCS'14. Here is the talk.
    We are proud and excited that we worked with US carriers and they have taken immediate actions to upgrade their networks. Initial fix is in place now!
  • Sep 2014 Our paper "InFrame" is accepted by HotNets-XIII.
  • Aug 2014 I am invited to serve on the TPC for Secon'15. Please consider submitting your work.
  • Aug 2014 I am invited to serve on the TPC for MobiSys'15. Please consider submitting your work here.
  • July 2014: Our paper "Real threats to mobile data bills" is accepted by CCS'14.

Recent Publications (since 2015)

Complete list at Google Scholar or here

  1. Instability in Distributed Mobility Management: Revisiting Configuration Management in 3G/4G Mobile Networks
    Yuanjie Li, Haotian Deng, Jiayao Li, Chunyi Peng and Songwu Lu
    (SIGMETRICS'16 ), Antibes Juan-Les-Pins, France, June 2016.

  2. Understanding and Diagnosing Real-World Femtocell Performance Problems
    Chunyi Peng, Yuanjie Li, Zhuoran Li, Jie Zhao, Jiaqi Xu,
    (INFOCOM'16 ), San Francisco, CA, April 2016.

  3. iCellular: Define Your Own Cellular Network Access on Commodity Smartphones
    Yuanjie Li, Haotian Deng, Chunyi Peng, Guan-Hua Tu, Jiayao Li, Zengwen Yuan, Songwu Lu
    (NSDI'16 ), Santa Clara, CA, March 2016.

  4. A First Look at Unstable Mobility Management in Cellular Networks
    Yuanjie Li, Jiaqi Xu, Chunyi Peng, Songwu Lu
    (HotMobile'16 ), Florida, Feb 2016.

  5. VoLTE*: A Lightweight Voice Solution to 4G LTE Networks
    Guan-Hua Tu, Chi-Yu Li, Chunyi Peng, Zenwen Yuan, Yuanjie Li, Xiaohu Zhao, Songwu Lu
    (HotMobile'16 ), Florida, Feb 2016.

  6. Insecurity of Voice Solution VoLTE in LTE Mobile Networks
    Chiyu Li, Guanhua Tu, Chunyi Peng, Zengwen Yuan, Yuanjie Li, Songwu Lu, Xinbing Wang
    (CCS'15 ), Denver, Colorado, Oct. 2015.

  7. How Voice Call Technology Poses Security Threats in 4G LTE Networks
    Guanhua Tu, Chiyu Li, Chunyi Peng, Songwu Lu
    (CNS'15 ), Florence, Italy, Sep. 2015.

  8. InFrame++: Achieve Simultaneous Screen-Human Viewing and Hidden Screen-Camera Communication
    Anran Wang, Zhuoran Li, Chunyi Peng, Guobin Shen, Gan Fang, Bin Zeng,
    MobiSys'15 , Florence Italy, May 2015.
    (acceptance rate: 29/219 = 13.2% )

  9. Latency-Aware Rate Adaptation in 802.11n Home Networks
    Chi-Yu Li, Chunyi Peng, Songwu Lu, Xinbing Wang and Ranveer Chandra,
    To appear at ( INFOCOM'15 ), Hong Kong, China, April, 2015.
    ( acceptance rate: 316/1640 = 19.3%)

  10. A Measurement Study on TCP Behaviors in HSPA+ Networks on High-speed Rails
    Li Li, Ke Xu, Dan Wang, Chunyi Peng, Qingyang Xiao and Rashid Mijumbi,
    To appear at (( INFOCOM'15 ), Hong Kong, China, April, 2015.
    ( acceptance rate: 316/1640 = 19.3%)

  11. Detecting Problematic Control-Plane Protocol Interactions in Mobile Networks
    Guan-Hua Tu, Yuanjie Li, Chunyi Peng, Chiyu Li, Songwu Lu,
    IEEE Transactions on Networking (TON), 2015


  • CSE3461/5461: Computer Networking and Internet Technologies (2015 Fall)
  • CSE5469: Advanced Topics on Cellular Networks (2015 Fall)
  • CSE3461/5461: Computer Networking and Internet Technologies ( 2014 Fall, 2014 Spring)
  • CSE5469: Advanced Topics on Mobile Networking and Systems (2014 Spring)
  • CSE3461/5461: Computer Networking and Internet Technologies 2014 Spring)

Professional Activities

  • TPC Co-Chair: Workshop on Visible Light Communication Systems (VLCS'15)
  • TPC member
    • 2017: INFOCOM'17,NDSS'17,WWW'17
    • 2016: MobiCom'16, HotMobile'16, ICNP'16, INFOCOM'16, VLCS'16, WiNTech'16
    • 2015: MobiCom'15, MobiSys'15, ICNP'15, SECON'15, VLCS'15, All Things Cellular'15
    • 2014: MobiSys'14, VLCS'14, All Things Cellular'14
    • Misc: MCS workshop (2014), ICC Green Track (2013, 2014), Globecom Green Track (2012, 2013), ACM S3 workshop (2013)
  • Panelist
  • NSF Panelist: 2015, 2016
  • Reviewer: TON, TMC, WINET, JSAC, TPDS, etc.

I gratefully acknowledge ongoing and past research support from NSF, Adobe and OSU.